Looking for Night Lights and Other Room Decoration Accessories?

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In the following, we have prepared recommendations for lamps that are suitable for your bedroom

Levitation Moon Lamp

Curved moon lamp, 3D printing magnetic levitation moonlight, 3D hovering and rotating moonlight, with 3 color modes, used for home and office decoration-6 inches

The floating moon lamp is made of 3D printing technology, with a diameter of 6 inches, which accurately restores the original appearance of the moon, novel and charming. The moon lamp uses magnetic levitating moon lamp technology to make the moon actually float and rotate.

connect the power cord, place the moon lamp on a horizontal table, find the center, then hold the moon lamp with both hands and slowly place it on the base. Find the center point, release your hands to achieve levitation, and then spin!

moon lamp uses 3D printing technology to print a beautiful moon texture to make it look exactly like the moon. When the light is turned on, you can clearly see the valleys and depressions on the moon’s surface! It’s the perfect gift!

Floating moonlight has three colors yellow, white and gradient. From white to yellow, you only need to touch the power button to switch colors on candy!

The floating moon lamp can emit 3 colors of light. It can hover and rotate, which is the latest fashion concept. It is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, parties, weddings and anniversaries!

Touch Sensor Silicone Sleep Lamp

The next recommendation for the best night light with a unique shape is from the BASEUS brand. The product is shaped like a cute character with soft silicone material.

To turn it on, you only need one tap. The light produced is claimed to be very soft and not too bright, with three color modes at once.

After use, this night light can be charged again, because it uses a battery with a capacity of 1100mAh with a maximum endurance of 15 hours.

Sunset Aesthetic Lamp

Popularized by Rose Blackpink, this aesthetic sunset lamp is now one of the many recommendations for the best sleeping lamps with unique designs.

This sunset lamp provides a visual experience as if you were staring at the sunset.

The light emitted forms a colorful circle that is reflected off the walls or ceiling of the bedroom.

Apart from being used for relaxation in the room, you can also use the sunset lights that hit on TikTok as an asset to take fun photos a la Instagram feed.

If you are curious about this sunset lamp, you can immediately click the following link to purchase.

LED Acrylic Lamp

Apart from sunset lamps, LED acrylic night lamps have also recently become one of the best recommended night lamps that are widely sought after in various marketplaces.

This acrylic LED lamp usually uses a wooden coaster and is placed on the table as a complement to bedroom decor.

The acrylic used is available in various sizes, but relatively 3 mm with a unique engraving that adjusts to consumer demand.

7 Color LED Night Light

The last recommendation for the best sleeping lamp is a 7-color LED lamp with a cat model. This product is available at the Epiko Store which you can find on the Tokopedia platform.

The sizes of the night lamps range from small cats, big cats, to unicorn models, with 7 light modes.

The light level is also low so it is not dazzling when used to sleep at night.

There are 2 operating modes, namely by pressing the on-off switch button or you can also insert the lamp body.