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The device runtime doesn’t help legacy module-scope (i.e., Fermi-style) textures and surfaces within a kernel launched from the device. Module-scope textures could also be created from the host and used in system code as for any kernel, but might only be used by a top-level kernel (i.e., the one which is launched from the host). Memory declared at file scope with __device__ or __constant__ reminiscence house specifiers behaves identically when using the system runtime. All kernels could read or write gadget variables, whether or not the kernel was initially launched by the host or gadget runtime. Equivalently, all kernels could have the identical view of __constant__s as declared on the module scope. Ns is of sort size_t and specifies the variety of bytes of shared reminiscence that is dynamically allocated per thread block for this name and addition to statically allocated reminiscence.


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